Dr. Colbert's 
MBS360™ System Includes:
  • Dr. Colbert's at home wellness program for weight loss video, which includes three complete treatment programs-Weight Loss, Stress and Cholesterol. 
  • His one-of-a-kind treatment guides for weight loss, stress and cholesterol!
  • "Five Keys to Restoring Your Health" Video   & Wellness Key Treatment Guide
  • 3 Bottles of MBS360 Weight Management Formula
  • 3 Bottles of MBS360 Skin & Joint Formula
  • Power of Affirmations Audio & Affirmations Treatment Guide
  • 90 Day Subscription to Dr. Colbert's exclusive Online Health Tracker with custom meal plans and fitness routines
  • FREE BONUS: Acclaimed "Power of Joy" Video
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*Video & Audio content is available in a Video on Demand Format for easy access. You will learn more about this option when you checkout.

Results may vary. Exercise and a proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss goals.

Dr. Colbert's MBS360™ System
Make over your mind, body & spirit
"Most people who come to see me are frustrated and confused because of the conflicting information they receive on aging and weight loss. There is no such thing as a magic pill to lose weight. The real success comes from changing the way you eat, think, act, live and move. The “At Home Wellness” DVDs, plus the one-of-a-kind treatment guides for weight loss we provide, can bring about the changes to truly create a Mind, Body & Spirit transformation."
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Dr. Colbert's MBS360™ "At-Home Wellness Program for Weight Loss" Video
Learn how to lose weight and keep it off -three complete treatment programs- Weight Loss, Stress & Cholesterol
Dr. Colbert's MBS360™ "Five Keys to Restoring Your Health" Video

Learn how to restore your GI tract, the importance of detoxing, supporting
the liver, restoring normal adrenal function, correcting your diet, and balancing your hormones.
Dr. Colbert's MBS360™
"Power of Affirmations" Audio

Learn how to reduce anxiety, stress, and release the past programming of expectation
and negativity. Learn to how to renew feelings of inspiration and happiness.
Dr. Colbert's
"Power of Joy" Video

Learn why Joy & Laughter are two of the greatest healing forces available to us.
What Makes  Dr. Colbert's MBS360™ System Unique?
Dr. Colbert’s MBS360™ System is based upon thousands of hours of research. He has applied the same principles, practices and methods used for years in his medical practice, addressing the mind-body-spirit!  

The MBS360™ (MindBodySpirit360) System can help almost anyone look and feel healthier. The videos and treatment guides in this system will help you to feel better, live healthier and lose weight.  

Learn right from Dr. Colbert with the MBS360™ System and use the techniques he has used to help thousands of his patients lose weight and get healthy!   

You will also receive online tools to keep you on track, powerful affirmations you speak out loud each day to realign your mind, body and spirit, and our Power of Joy Video on how to live an abundant life. With the Power of Joy you will learn how joy and the lack of it can negatively affect your health.
MBS360 Weight Management
MBS360 Weight Management 
MBS360 Skin & Joint
    MBS360 Skin & Joint